I still have not complete the weathering of this bird (as I switched on Battlestar Galactica for few monthes to prepare a display stand in a collector convention here in France).

There are no pilots in the kit. So to people it, I first intended to use and cut a clone figure from the Clone Wars Risk boardgame (that are 1/72th. The yelow clone on the left in the photo below), when I remembered the SW classic trilogy Risk has smaller stormtroopers. And indeed, they are close to 1/100, and they will be perfect in the cockpit of this Y-Wing (the 2 on the right)

After a few amputations, i get this.

Bodies and legs are glued together and the forearms (which initially carried the weapon against the body) redone.

A coat of white primer (tamiya spray can).

they now need to be painted