I think this is one of the latest kits that I presented in the models news page of the now defunct french magazine Dixième Planète on collector items.

This is a Fantastic Plastic kit, at 1/9600th scale. The proportions are so-so and there are some problems of symmetry ! Details are approximate, and the panel line are plump...
The resin casting is correct, there are few bubbles here or there.

It took me some time before deciding to start this kit, and it tired me quickly. So the assembly is spread over 4 or 5 years , and in 3 major steps. This kit was somewhat motivating, so I took very few WIP photos, and only after primed it.

The most boring step : cleaning (fill bubbles, remove casting flaws).
Then some upgrades :
- All the paneling is retraced (for ones that were apparent), and completed, inspired by reference pictures but without trying to be completely accurate.

- The back side was totally wrong. It was sanded, scratched and the pipes completed with metal rods .

- the turrets supplied in the kit are awfull. So they are replaced by new scratched ones. There were twenty to made.

Then the painting stage : - Primer - Heavy wash to work as a preshading

- base color with a rather diluted light gray

It went back to the shelves until I get back on the workbench last month to finish it for a convention this month.
The paneling is done with handmade stencils and 3 shades of gray.

I applied a wash in the few places where some previous ones have disappeared.

The red markings are made with a dark red.
A layer of Future/Klir is applied to areas where decals will go.

A layer of matt varnish to level the finish.
Then final assembly.