I finished with Red 5. It is fairly well documented, as being the hero X-wing. For the same reason, the studio model was significantly more worked than others. It therefore requires in return a bit more work than the other 4.

After weathering

IMGP1007 IMGP1008 IMGP1009 IMGP1010 IMGP1011 IMGP1013 IMGP1014 IMGP1015 IMGP1016 IMGP1017 IMGP1018 IMGP1019 IMGP1020 IMGP1021 IMGP1022 IMGP1023 IMGP1024 IMGP1025 IMGP1026 IMGP1027.JPG IMGP1028 IMGP1029 IMGP1030 IMGP1031 IMGP1032 IMGP1033 IMGP1034.JPG