I received few messages about this blog, me and the Gentlemen Collectionneurs, so let me introduce myself.


My name is Olivier Cabourdin, and even if this means nothing to you, I may have meet some of you on the web, as I have some kit reviews and WIP posted here or there.

Everything that is related to science fiction spaceships appeals me, and especially the models of Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Alien, Macross, Harlock/Albator and Space 1999, to mention only the main themes.

For the french readers, I may have meet some of you, especially during the conventions, model exhibitions, meeting of HobbyOne and Ere2 groups, or, from the 2001 to 2008, in the pages of Dixième Planète, a now defunct french speaking magazine dedicated on collector licensed (and sometimes non-licensed) products, where I was a regular writer for the model news pages, model building articles and Micro Machines Action Fleet toys reviews.

I also have a few articles lying here and there on Starship Modeler, CultTVman, that are taking the web's dust for some time now (if they are still online !), and in Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller magazine where I took part in the Star Wars dedicated volume 5.

With Jean-Marc Deschamps, Denis Troussard and Olivier Herman (who mastered some fanstastic StarWars kits for retroSF), we created some exhibitions, initially under our own names, then under the Gentlemen Collectionneurs name :

  • 2001 Odyssey models (Salon du modélisme - Paris, Le Bourget Air and Space Museum - Paris)
  • 25 candles for Star Wars (Le Bourget Air and Space Museum - Paris, Space Museum - Kourou)
  • Jules Verne and the science fiction (Gif-sur-Yvette)
  • ...

The exhibitions located in Museum lested for 6 months. We created the Gentlemen Collectionneurs to be a vector for exhibitions, which allows us, by sharing our objects and realizations, to give wider scope to the themes we address, always with the goal to provide an atmosphere in which visitors can project themselves in.

After few years of a needed break (I was still building kits, but just for myself), in the end of 2010, the need to show my realizations did get back.

I then started this blog with 3 objectives in mind :

  • to have my own expression mean
  • to present my contribution in the Gentlemen Collectionneurs exhibitions
  • and, I hope, to help other kit builders in building and accurising their model kits, and, hopefully, go beyond the kit itself, in realising an environment where it will be flattered.

Well, I have enough speek about me, it's time to get back to the models workbench.

If you try to contact me, don't worry if I don't reply quickly ! Like everybody, I have a real job, and this one can be sometimes extremely time consuming. So, you will receive an answer, I promise, just let me few days to get back to you.

Enjoy your visit