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dimanche, 17 novembre 2013

Tie tie tie - take 6

The wing frames are masked and a satin black paint is applied to the solar panels and the small panel at the rear of the cockpit ball.

For the damaged wing, as the base is black , I simply drybrushed metallic paint (aluminum or silver) to highlight the bent plates. Touches of brown rust color are applied here and there. I think to add some photoetched panels to accentuate the crumbling.


On the Revell kits, the glass hatch parts are finally put aside as they have holes that would remain apparent. I did have not pay attention to this ... as hatch will remain without windows, which is not absolutely shocking ;) .

On the Fine Molds, I had a nasty surprise when removing the windshield masks, the paint ran below the tape and the outline is horrible. After several attempts to correct this (scraping with a wood toothpick, Klir) who gave nothing, I finally replaced the windshield by an resin counterpart from the set RetroSF upgrade kit. On this one, it's the windshield that will not have glass !

Small triangle brackets are set up in the cockpit. On the studio model, this triangle is glued directly onto the frame. Here it is not possible because of the glass, so you have to use a small rod .

The engines On the FM and the small Revell, so without lighting, the engines are simply painted. To have a shiny red, I put a drop of white first, then covered, once dry, with a drop of red.

The bases FM and Small Revell : The bases are made from wood (medium) spare parts, trimmed and sanded, and aluminum rods .

Big Revell : This base had to include the lighting system. I simply used the black base from the old ERTL lighting kit, in which I insert a simple circuit (one white warm LED) to a 4mm hole in the center of the support. A 4mm fiber optic is inserted in a brass tube, held by a medium (wood) strip glued on the black base, brings the litgh to the Tie and holds it in place. A kind of plastic T (I do not remember where it comes from ) give a little more stability to the Tie.

The modules are then assembled , and here is the result :

FM tie

Small Tie Revell

And the big

I almost forgot one last step on these 3 Tie: white drybrushing. Indeed, with all the other painting and weathering techniques, I almost no longer use white drybrushing which, I feel, often tends to break the scale. As the Tie are mostly monochrome, and only lightly dirty, this technique worked quite well there.

It is very easy to missed out a drybrush, as when applied too heavily, it becomes ugly. And the limit between " that's it" and " missed out " is short and quickly risen. So it is better to remain sparse and to not follow that inner voice who would like to " add a little bit here and there."

Revell Small Tie

Fine Molds

lundi, 12 août 2013

Tie tie tie - take 5

The color of windshield struts of the cockpit is finally corrected with a thin coat of Gunze H77 Tire Black, which is in fact a dark grey.

A gloss coat of Future/Klir covers everything.

A black wash is then apply.

jeudi, 18 juillet 2013

Tie tie tie - take 4

After few months on standby, I a going back on this WIP at the painting stage.

The 3 tie received a fresh coat of primer. I then had to find the right base color. It is subject of controversy since a long time. Boy, at the cinema, I saw them white in the first movie (which was not yet called A New Hope), and blue in the two subsequent films. Later, with videotapes, DVDs and magazine sources, I saw them gray in the first film, gray and blue in the second, and blue in Return of the Jedi.

In fact, they are all in a medium blue. All other colors were only light games. Some of my pictures below also show these effects. The background color also plays a significant role.

There is a very good article about this on the RPF: http://www.therpf.com/f10/efx-tie-fighter-sdcc-91735/

The right shade is Tamiya TS-32 (unfortunately only available in spray). The intermediate blue Lifecolor UA045 is very close. No longer working anymore with Lifecolor (they are too difficult to use with the airbrush), I used a 50/50 mixture of Tamiya XF-23 Light Blue and Gunze H56 intermediate blue.

I tried first a blue Tamiya XF-23, but as you can see, it was too bright.

Near a white lamp, it is just a little blue

With only the ceiling light, it is already a little darker

The final mixture 50/50 XF-23/H56 is airbrushed. The part in hand is much darker and as more blue. Although, it is not as easy to see in the picture:

Ceiling lighting, with a clear background,

Not too far from a white light: it's gray!

The wing on a white background: it is dark gray

The same on a black background : light blue!

Under a rather yellow light, they look grey

The paneling is quite simple, consisting of a single color, and the gunze H56 intermediate blue, which seems a very close match.

Here on the hatch, with a white light, the base color is again very blue.

it is more gray with only the daylight from the window (but not in direct sunlight)

The windshield frame is in a much darker shade than the rest. I cut masks with a compass cutter in a large Tamiya tape.

I went on a Tamiya XF-50 Field Blue, so a very dark blue gray. Once again, you can see the color differences in the lighting. The third picture (directly under a white light) is clearer, and is not yet as strong as a studio lighting!

The windshield is as dark as i wanted, but finaly a bit too blue, and I think Iwill definitely do it again only in dark gray ... It is difficult to paint a Tie, isn't it ?

dimanche, 12 mai 2013

Tie Tie Tie - take 3

The central areas of the Revell kits require a bit of sanding on the joint, to remove the offset.

For the tiny Revell Tie, I took another 1/72 sherman suspension, that I cut, glued and reduced.

Missing cockpit's triangles are scratched.

This Tie trips is now ready for painting.

In the meantime, here is comparison shots of the fighter and Tie Tie Vader Revell cockpits (big kits). If they are not of the same scale, Vader's one being a little bigger, it's actually quite close.

mardi, 7 mai 2013

Tie Tie Tie - take 2

Cleaning the resin part of the RetroSF damaged wing in resin is rather fast. I don’t think that this kit is still available, if it ever was. Indeed, it was a gift from Olivier Herman, who made the master for RetroSF (he also made the Tie and X-Wing cockpits, and the fantastic Snowspeeder).

It is well cast, you just need to be careful here and there, because there are some underlying bubbles. Not matter because there is nothing to work here, only paint.

The Fine Molds Tie pilot, which will therefore received the damaged wing, is modified to a position where he protects his head with his arms just before the impact with the wall of the trench (instinctive reflex that obviously did not save him !).

Before modifications

The arms are untied

As they were too slim after this operation, I completed them using remaining tree parts.

Here is the result assembled

After painting

The assembly begins with the cockpits. The FM is primed and painted. Then the 3 cockpits received black wash, and then a white drybrush to bring out the details. Some buttons (white, red, blue) are added randomly.


And the 2 Revell

I finally decided to light the big Revell, with a LED at the end of the rod that will also serve as support. The two ions thrusters are drilled, and 1mm optical fiber is inserted up to the edge of the hole for the support. While I was there, I added some to the instruments lights in the cockpit.

Support is not done, so here is what it gives with a desk lamp.

The 3 central spheres are then assembled. There are no particular problems on the FineMolds. By cons, the Revell kits needed some filler, little elbow grease to smooth fitting gap (especially on the sphere).

lundi, 11 mars 2013

Tie Tie Tie...

With the release of Revell mini-easy kit Tie-Fighter at the end of 2012, I took out a Fine Molds for comparison, because it seemed very close in size. The scale of 1/120 on the box is clearly wrong: we can see below that it is bigger than the FM 1/72!

The pilot, rather well done indeed, is too big for such a small scale. I then get out the bigger Revell Tie (from 2011 if I remember correctly) to compare parts. This is almost the same but bigger. The design of the parts of the body (the sphere and 2 arms) is the same on 2 kits. By cons it diverges on the wings. They are in one part of the small and in 3 pars for the big one (on the same principle as FineMolds).

The parts breakdown of the small Revell TIE :

Comparison with an assembled Fine Molds :

The big Revell TIE :

Although the details are sharper on the FM, however, Revell kits are very acceptable on the subject despite some simplifications, and less sharp molded.

One detail is missing in the 2 Revell kits, that would be placed behind the access door, and that look like a Sherman suspension kit part. I immediately pick one in 1/72th scale in my spare box, and a small dry test shows that it fits perfectly on the big.

The suspension compared to its FineMolds counterpart.

For the mini kit, as I have not any sherman in 1/100 or 1/144 to make a test, I will have to scratch it or modify another 1/72th one.

Less visible, but equally important for TIE fans, they also lack the small triangle at the top of the cockpit, just behind the glass.

By relying on official dimensions (6.4 m long), scales of these 2 kits are:

  • Small TIE: 10cm long, 1/64th.
  • And the large one : 15.5 cm, so 1/41th.

Reminding me that I also had a copy of the RetroSF damaged wing kit for FineMolds to reproduce the Tie that collides Vader’s one in the Death Star trench, I started immediately to build these 3 kits.