It is important here not to be confused with the Red 3 hyper-known and done for ESB which livery is very different from the one used in ANH. The base color of the ESB one is camouflage gray instead of white for the ANH. The ESB is also more colorful, with many green, yellow and blue panels. The FM instruction manual is designed for the ESB gray X-Wing.

So, in my case, this is the white livery that I wanted to achieve, and then the documents are not downright plethora. However, after laborious research, with the help of Olivier Herman, it was possible to identify that the canopy is gray, and many various shades of large gray panels dots the fuselage and the wings. For info on the well known photos of ILM workbench, where the fighters engaged in deathstar battle are exposed (see last page of SFFM 5), Red 3 is the first in the Xwing line.

Before weathering

IMGP0844 IMGP0847 IMGP0848.JPG IMGP0849 IMGP0850 IMGP0851

After weathering

IMGP0958 IMGP0961 IMGP0962 IMGP0963 IMGP0964 IMGP0965 IMGP0966 IMGP0967 IMGP0968 IMGP0969 IMGP0970 IMGP0971 IMGP0972 IMGP0973 IMGP0977