Red 2 took the first round, because the documents concerning him are of good quality and is relatively well covered. Indeed, it has been exposed several times (including the SW exhibition in London in 2000).

Before weathering, with all the panels painted :

IMGP0798 IMGP0799

For the weathering, he first received the famous very diluted black wash. Then a white drybrush, focused on the red, yellow and blue panels to "age" the color, and then some brown filters here and there, essentially to broke the monotony of the livery, and followed by a greenish brown filter on the reactors and the rear of the fuselage. Then traces of rust, paint chips in dark gray, and dry brushing with dark gray and black oil. Finally, a mat white rectangle with the airbrush on the upper left engine cover, and a decal applied in this area (an half Tamiya logo).

I used very few decals, because I found that FM ones do not stick well. So all the black dots (XW is a teenager?), mainly localized around the cockpit are done by hand. I also tried dry transfer ("i" dots) but they do not stick either (well it might be because of my painting, so ... ;)

IMGP0800 IMGP0801.JPG IMGP0802.JPG IMGP0803 IMGP0804 IMGP0805 IMGP0806.JPG IMGP0807 IMGP0808 IMGP0809.JPG IMGP0810 IMGP0812 IMGP0813 IMGP0814 IMGP0815 IMGP0816 IMGP0817