Red 1 (aka Red Leader) took the second round. The refs are fairly numerous on this one too, and it is easily recognizable with its large impact marks on the nose.

No decals have been applied since FM instructions manual is wrong with this bird, the only usable ones are the small black squares (and as I prefer to hand paint them...). Furthermore they are not all situated in the same way.

Before weathering

IMGP0818.JPG IMGP0821 IMGP0822 IMGP0823 IMGP0824

After weathering

IMGP0825 IMGP0827 IMGP0828 IMGP0829 IMGP0830 IMGP0832 IMGP0834 IMGP0835 IMGP0836

Along Red2 IMGP0831 IMGP0838

Note that there were two models of Red 1 built by ILM, with were exactly the same.