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jeudi, 16 janvier 2014

Migennes Collector 2014 - March 1 & 2

This year, the Gentlemen Collectionneurs will again take part to the Migennes Collector convention.

In the previous years, we get into many subjects : DeLorean, Space1999, Star Trek...

This time, we will go from the deep sea to the deep space, with subjects I let you discover below :


samedi, 25 mai 2013

Geekopolis / Paris : Les Gentlemen Collectionneurs double stand

This week end in Paris - East / Montreuil (France), is taking place is the first edition of Geekopolis convention.

Our association Les Gentlemen Collectionneurs is present, with my double stand.

The first is a Space1999 stand, with some models you will certainly recognized.

The "little" car you may have see in the background, is the second part of our stand : DeLorean

Me selecting a date on the time selector ;)

samedi, 3 mars 2012

Migennes 2012

Our stand at Migennes-Collector was a real success, beyond my expectations.

IMGP2765 IMGP2779

To my knowing, nothing had been done like this before in France on Space1999 (called Cosmos1999 here). As it was a show that most 30 and 40-years old have seen (and sometimes upset) when young, adult visitors were really interested, more than their children.

IMGP2766 IMGP2780 IMGP2784 IMGP2796

IMGP2767 IMGP2781 IMGP2791 IMGP2771

IMGP2783 IMGP2782 IMGP2785 IMGP2792 IMGP2793

The ramp worked so many times that the drill burned out before the end the second day !

The Space99 exhibition was completing with eagle and hawk (Iconic Replicas, Airfix, Product Enterprise brands), ultraprobe command module (James Small resin kit), moonbase (AMT), stun gun and commlock (nemotechnik resin kit), from Jean-Marc Deschamps and myself collections.

2001 space odyssey was represented with Jean-Marc Deschamps models.

IMGP2769 IMGP2787 IMGP2788 IMGP2789 IMGP2790

My X-Wing squadron, the Deathstar turret, and the Moebius Battlestar Galactica were also here.


lundi, 20 juin 2011

Salon du modélisme - Paris 2011

After few editions without presented any model, this year, I did put on display some models at the Salon du modélisme (annual model show in Paris).

IMG_8158.JPG (the 2001 french satelite belongs to Jean-Marc Deschamps)

I mainly focused on Battlestar Galactica, with :

  • The rag tag fleet diorama

IMG_8166.JPG IMG_8167.JPG

  • An Macross VF-1 Valkyrie (Hasegawa 1/72)
  • The new Battlestar Galactica (Moebius)
  • A pair of viper mk2 and mk7 (sci-hi models 1/72)


  • The last defense line of Caprica : a forced perspective display of 2 Battlestar Valkyrie resin kit


  • The Roger Young (I am pretty sure to repaint it in the near future, after seeing the original 17' studio model at an exhibition here in Paris)

IMG_8162.JPG IMG_8161.JPG

  • A resin Macross Plus VF-11 Thunderbolt with booster pack (1/72)


I won a prize for for my complete Galactica presentation. IMG_8216.JPG