On this Raider, I will use the same flashing reflector LED circuit as for the Centurion.

The part in the Raider head is too tight and the available space is too narrow to plug the circuit+LED+battery inside as is, it needs some additional work.

Initially, I intended to glue the head after painting, but it now need to remain removable. I use the pins to install screws. Magnets will be glued at the opposite into the body, which will keep the head in place.

You can see the screw by one of the pins (the magnet is not set up to it on one side).

The two sides facing the head and the main body are hollowed to install the electric components.

Dry test to check if the holes are not viewable once in place.

LEDs and the small metal tabs enclosing cells are detached from the circuit, and will be replaced by wires The LEDs are mounted on a part of a tube, cut to be install in the head.