There are two different liveries of this bomber : Anakin and clones. The yellow stripes are roughly reversed between the two. I opted for the clones version.

Anakin :

Clone :

After masking the offwhite, I airbrushed a new thin coat of white, then the preshading needed to be highlighted, in Sky Grey this time, to stay light for the yellow.

Yellow is complicated color if you want the preshading to work nicely. Yellow Tamyia is beautiful if the applied layer is thick and consistent. By cons, it tends to greenish with the preshading technics.

To remedy this, I pull the yellow to orange by adding gunze H24 Orange Yellow, and some matte white tamiya to make it a little more opaque.

After removing the tapes, I realize that my off-whitebase color is too gray, with fast masks I applied a thin mat white coat to mitigate it.

After | Before

A coat of future/klir protects everything.

a black wash is applied in trying to ensure that it did not go too much on the yellow, otherwise staying light. It is then completed by a brown wash over the yellow.

I took the opportunity to make a few brown spots on the white, to give it a bit of color diversity.

putting a drop of paint

Quick and immediate wiping behind. This leaves a light streak and a bit of color over the white

Now the cockpit: base color stone gray, black juice, white drybrush and some buttons in white, red and yellow.

The decals are applied fairly easily after a new coat of Klir.