Our stand at Migennes-Collector was a real success, beyond my expectations.

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To my knowing, nothing had been done like this before in France on Space1999 (called Cosmos1999 here). As it was a show that most 30 and 40-years old have seen (and sometimes upset) when young, adult visitors were really interested, more than their children.

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The ramp worked so many times that the drill burned out before the end the second day !

The Space99 exhibition was completing with eagle and hawk (Iconic Replicas, Airfix, Product Enterprise brands), ultraprobe command module (James Small resin kit), moonbase (AMT), stun gun and commlock (nemotechnik resin kit), from Jean-Marc Deschamps and myself collections.

2001 space odyssey was represented with Jean-Marc Deschamps models.

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My X-Wing squadron, the Deathstar turret, and the Moebius Battlestar Galactica were also here.