To detail the hangar floor, I prepared a pattern on a large paper sheet, where I determined the position of all the markings.

IMG_8906 IMG_8907

With a slightly darker gray, I realized some panel effects (post-shading).


I make some masks out of cardboard. and markings are then painted by simply following the pattern.

IMG_8922 IMG_8923

Then paneling effects are applied (by re-using masks from the launchpad), as well as veils and some roughcasts.

  1. Dark gray

IMG_8924 IMG_8925

Incidentally, the yellow and red lines received a light black veil, in order to break their too much flashy appearance.

  1. Light gray


  1. Medium gray light veils

IMG_8959 IMG_8960 IMG_8961

A first test shows that my platforms are still too bright and not enough weathered.

IMG_8934 IMG_8936

They therefore receive an overall dark grey wash

It looks much better (even if it's difficult to realize on this picture)


The warehouse furniture also receives the same wash, and the decals a matt coat.


Right: front | Left: with the new wash


Characters and warehouses (in double from Main Mission diorama) will be dispatched in the hangar. These desks and some furnitures received little paper sheets to give more life.

IMG_9071 IMG_9100