The inside diorama received a layer of primer IMG_8534

Then a pre-shading IMG_8539 IMG_8540

And the base color (medium gray) is applied on the floor and walls. IMG_8541 IMG_8542

Then the color of the walls, in off-white. IMG_8547

The roof is finally in place, held with clamps during curing. IMG_8548

Round sides are filled with foam insulation to give a point to hang to the plastic sheet that will cover the entire building. IMG_8551

The base of the tower, which will be an arc of cylinder is made of cardboard and Cadapac foam board. There are many internal reinforcements of cardboard to support the weight of the upper part of the tower. A space is left open in case I need to light up the top (and it is quite possible that I have an LED in each lane visible through the doors, otherwise they will be rather gloomy. IMG_8555 IMG_8556 IMG_8558

Dry test :


I then turned to the frontage, with 0.5mm thick plastic card.

Topside and downside : IMG_8560

then of the sides, after sanding of the previous ones : IMG_8562

The cylindrical face of the base is also covered with plastic card. IMG_8561

New dry test : IMG_8564

The base is then detailed with plastic card strips of different thicknesses and widths. IMG_8579

Back on the main part, a hard cardboard disk, also covered with plastic card, is set on the top. This cylinder fits exactly to the underside base. IMG_8573

Plastic card panels are added, on the roof based on the original model details. The two half-domes are shampoo caps, heavily sanded on a band sander. Note that the diagram detailing the disc is also drawn. IMG_8576 IMG_8577

I then just have to follow this template. IMG_8578

Next step: detailed the sides with plastoc strips and cutting windows.