The background wall received its missing triangles.


The three walls are covered with automotive primer. The staturoc drinks the paint heavily, and it took me four layers rather copious for a good working basis for painting. IMG_8604

A first test of color with a spray can of an Granny apple green. IMG_8624 IMG_8625

The gray primer breaks well below the green on photos taken without the camera flash. In the first shot, so with flash, it does not look as nice. Later, I will test with a dark brown juice. I have to determine if it will be as preshading or postshading. And maybe a light veil of a lighter color (yellow or tan) with the airbrush. Otherwise, I will have to mix of color.

Beforehand, I must take care of the external sides, and paint them black. The trestles are wrapped in protective sheets to protect the staturoc sides, which will laid on them.


The chamfers are brush painted with an universal primer. It is thined with white spirit and then applied on flat surfaces with a spray paint gun. IMG_8626 IMG_8630

The next day, it was the turn of the black (also thinned with white spirit). After each application, I accelerated the drying with a heat gun. IMG_8650

To paint wood, I prefer to avoid acrylic paints and stay on glycero paints.

In parallel, service platforms and furnitures of received a coat of primer. IMG_8607