The doors of Koenig's office will be left open, to see some adjacent lanes (here quickly drawn on the Cadapac foam board) and to give more depth to the whole diorama. IMG_8504

The main walls are finally glued. IMG_8509

The sides of MMT are made from foam board glued with white glue, and held in place with clamps while drying (which takes several hours with this glue). IMG_8512

Dry test to make sure everything fits well: IMG_8515

The first inner wall of cardboard is set. IMG_8516 IMG_8517

Then the internal dio is glued in place. IMG_8520 IMG_8521

The new walls are made from resin copies. The doors are removed to be left opened. IMG_8518 IMG_8519

The inner walls are completed (still with cardboard) IMG_8522 IMG_8523

Resins walls are then glued on the cardboard ones. IMG_8524

Then the remaining cardboard surfaces are covered with plastic sheet. IMG_8526 IMG_8527

The computer wall is not yet set at this stage because it will be painted separately. The cardboard wall, where it will be set, is left free to allow me to insert it later easily. IMG_8529 IMG_8531

The mezzanine, that overlook MM, will be painted separately.

This is what can be seen from Koenig's office. IMG_8532 IMG_8533