Main Mission is the command center of the Alpha moonbase, and one of the high places of the show, as lot's of key actions take place here during the first season. The particularity of thid place, beyond being the nerve center of the base, is its contiguity with the office of Commander Koenig. The latter, its almost symmetrical, separated by a huge sliding door, usually open, separating the two areas. They will not go one without the other and represent a whole place. IMG_8598

The Alpha moonbase kit (initially issued under MPC brand, was reissued by AMT in the late 90s) includes a small diorama of Main Mission (on a scale between 1 / 100 and HO). Unfortunately, Koenig office is totally wrong and undersized.

To correct it, I will use a second Alpha kit, and strongly modify it.

Two different ground blueprints coexist, in which the Koenig office seriously differs. I preferred to choose the simplicity, so I use the version where the two parts are of the same surface.

After cutting, re-arranging, gluing and filling, the floor of the office is corrected. IMG_8368 IMG_8369 IMG_8370 IMG_8381 IMG_8382 IMG_8383

The separation wall is made from the same parts from the two kits. The office of Koenig is on one level, so the top of the wall is cut out to be removed. IMG_8393 IMG_8394

I have now to prepare new walls for the office. I made a mold of a first wall from the original kit, and then prepared a new master by modifying a first copy (the mid-height horizontal strip is corrected). A second master integrates a

door made using plastic strip and photoetched for the control panel. IMG_8395 IMG_8396

As I was there, I made molds of various parts of the kit original walls in order to achieve all possible combinations in case other ideas germinate later. IMG_8394 IMG_8398 IMG_8513

Creation of a terminal of a communication terminal, using a plastic rod (from a Chinese restaurant). IMG_8397

As this dio looked really tiny finally, I quickly asked myself if I would include it in a part of Main Mission Tower to highlight it.