The hangar walls consist mainly of large triangles, themselves composed of four small triangles.


So I assembled a large triangle (made ​​with four small ones and a strip), I then molded and made ​​some test copies with staturoc. It is a kind of resin powder that is mixed with water and casts like plaster, it also have the same color. I've tested with few copies to check if they fit well. There is a slight space, which will be work with the lapidary. As the result suited me, but as the staturoc seemed fragile, I then tested with polyurethane resin, and it was a disaster : the mold broked. I'm good to start again...

After restocking some RTV, the molds are casted again. To avoid a new disaster, I came back on staturoc copies.


I recently learned a convenient way to know if RTV is homogeneous mixed : just add a few drops of enamel paint along the catalyst (red here). When the color of the mixture is smooth, it is ready to be cast (here rtv has become evenly pink)

I had to find a way to stick securely my staturoc parts on wooden boards. I considered a hot glue gun, but the glue cools too quickly and does not really on the staturoc. While looking for bathroom silicone in a store, I finally opted for a multi-purpose glue (applied through a gun).