I always want to create a diorama of the eagles hangar, as it appears in this picture (from an old website - Cybrary, which was the bible of Space 1999 before the Catacombs


Cybrary has been integrated for a long time to Catacombs, but curiously, this picture has not followed the movement and now cannot be found on the net.

This view is never shown as is in the serie, but only in the background. In the first episode ("Breakaway"), we can see it with an eagle sliding in front of, then through a window in a shot where Koenig and Alan Carter are discussing about the metaprobe project. http://www.space1999.net/catacombs/main/cguide/umhangar.html

As I originally wanted a dio combined with the launchpad, I did set it the same dimensions, so 1.20 m x 1 m. Indeed, the initial idea was, while designing the two dio independently, to allow me to stack them if the exhibition place proved to not be enough. The launchpad taking the volume (it needs a box to hide the lifting mechanism), taking in weight by consequence, this option is unlikely to be implemented in the end. However, I decided to keep the same dimensions.

In the launchpad kit, I was surprized to received some of the walls parts (tetrahedron and detailed slabs). I realized casting molds of these parts as I will have close to 3 feet long of walls to cloth !

IMG_8591 IMG_8590

Initially, I also considered that the hangar would be within a one meter square, the remaining 20 cm on a side intended to be partially "filled" with little supervision room, where takes place the shot presented above, and where, later in the same episode, Koenig stop the metaprobe project. Finally, the hangar has taken the entire surface, and the supervisory room is gone.