In their search for Earth, the fleet of the survivors finally outruns the Cylons, and they find themselves in a space conflict between two powers (a subject totally inspired by the Cold War, which was contemporary of the show), but technologically less advanced than the Colonies (spaceflight are done in hibernation).
This ship a destroyer spaceship of the Eastern Alliance, a clearly dictatorial power. The crew are even dressed like Nazis.
This is not a big ship as it can land into the huge Galactica hangar.

To realize the studio model of the Destroyer, the shows model shop seriously modified one ship of the rag tag fleet.

The resin kit is produced by Fantastic Plastic, on a master by Alfred Wong.
If it has several problems accuracy (accuracy with the subject, adjustment of parts) that require serious sanding, the kit is finally a good base. So it needs to “tap hard into the material" : belt sanding machine, dremel…

There are some bubbles and lack of material, but nothing too difficult.

The engraving is very inaccurate , and obviously done freehand. It's a shame because it does not require much more time to achieve with rulers, Dymo tapes... By cons, to fix, it's a pain.

Details are impasted (molding trouble ? too much primer before molding ?)
Here again, this is not in current standards...

There is a full photoscope of the studio model on modeler's magic website. This is useful for identifying errors to correct the kit.

The two side engines modules are positioned too low, there is a bunch of material to remove.

These curious details on these engines modules, from small Y -Wing kit hangar on Hoth, have nothing to do there. These areas must be flat.

The main nozzles are full, and the casting is not great with mold shifting. They are also too long.
Fortunately, I was able to identify the base of the bell from a Kotobukiya upgrade kit, so I can easily change that with minimal effort.
The original part on the studio model is a 1/144 Saturn 5 engine.

The central cylindrical nozzle is too short and not wide enough.

The upper small nozzles look like to nothing (not even a bell-shaped), and I intend to replace them.

The air intakes need digging a bit, as they lack some depth. The cabin at this location is thin and fragile, it will need to be strengthened

The diameter of the neck is too large. I still do not really know at that time of the WIP what the solution I would use (sorry, no photo).

On the studio model, besides the Saturn 5 engines already noted, some 1/48 F-5 cabins can be recognized, and also the Hawk engine from the Airfix Space 1999. The wings were later copied on Buck Rogers Thunder fighter (who, if I remember correctly, was based on rejected concept of the Y-Wing or may be the Viper) .