The cabin has some shrinkages. Some disappeared after sanding, while other needed putty.


After sanding. where the putty is still drying, there was a remaining shrinkage.

Verniers are hollowed, not forgetting to add the 4 missing ones ( 2 on each side of the nose)

To close the verniers back ends, as the area was never flat, rather than using plastic card, I just stuck some masking tape, reinforced with cyano glue.
To prevent particles or dust from sticking (the sticky side of the tape is facing outside), I put a tiny drop of Klir/Future to coat and make it inoperative.

On each wing, there is a curious trapezoidal panel that has nothing to do there. It is scraped and sanded, and the panels lines are engraved.
I completed the edge by a thin plastic strip to give a little depth to the air inlet .