Before the weathering, I applied a layer of satin varnish.

Paint chips are made with an old Pale Prey miniature paint (which have a beige tint). It is a water-based paint, which can be corrected, or removed easily (that is not possible with Gunze, Tamiya or Lifecolor paints).

A new coat of satin varnish to protect them, then dirt and streaks are made of with a medium gray oil paint. Over the white, it looks dark, almost black.

Then a final layer of satin varnish.

The canopy is masked.

It then received a thin coat of primer, followed by black to give texture.

Then it is covered with Alclad stainless steel

Then dirtied with dark gray.

I had to use some wax polish here and there to remove some alclad stains, who had managed to go under the tapes (which can be seen in the previous picture).

The navigation lights are finished, with sanding of the optical fiber bits.

Then the base is painted Steel.