To highlight them, they needed a base. Again, I made a lunar ground, like I have done for my other Space1999 dioramas. To do this, I get a foam board (here a failed part from a first try for the Launchpad, its shape can easily be see ;) ). The shape will be half-arc. I have to complete a part, that I wantes to be thicker to have the dawn of a lunar dune. The ground was shaped with a heat gun.

It is covered white a mixture of black oil-based paint and roughcast. Then a light gray is airbrushed as much razing as possible and keeping the same direction. The result is a very dusty effect.

The background is an image created on the computer, using photos from NASA for the lunar surface, and a large starfield background I found on the web. It is then printed on a poster photo paper. It is ~ 70cm long! So I went through a printshop on the net.

Two quick shots I take, just after the installation of my Space1999 stand at Geekopolis convention (in Paris) last week-end. Il will do better ones later.