This is the result of the first day on the subject, immediately after receiving it in September. Indeed, I did not resist and I had immediately started work on parts of the main building :

  • Fast filling of the bubbles: the filler is wiped with acetone after 2 hours of drying. It will be very big, so it is not worth too much polish on the details finish as it will not be viewable.

IMG_8348 IMG_8349

  • Other bubbles, which damaged the details, are filled with plastic strip, voluntarily taken in a different size than the original part to recap: rather than trying to redo the missing details, I divert the attention with a different detail.


  • Some casting flaws are masked with the plastic card


  • the main building is quickly built, with the help of PVC L strip (spare parts from a PVC windows frame installation in my house).

A wood reinforcement is added to the base of the building. It will certainly need a second one (I'll see that later). The joints are not yet filled, either, it will wait until the building construction is far ahead.

IMG_8352 IMG_8353 IMG_8354 IMG_8356

The tab on the back side was deliberately not glued, in case I need to allow the passage of  electrical lighting and power wires. Since the subject has evolved (explanation coming soon), the wires will go elsewhere.