When I was preparing a Galactica display stand for Migennes Collector, I remove dust from my Rag Tag Fleet diorama, and thought that it was interesting to post it here again.

It had already been exhibited few times in 2011, where it won a prize in Paris's Salon du Modélisme (Paris Model Show).

The fleet is a mixed of the TOS and RDS ships.

Most of the models are from Timeslip Creations :

  • Battlestar Galactica (TOS)
  • 2 mining ships
  • rising star
  • prison barge
  • 4 Olympic carriers with differents company livery
  • Gemini freighter, in TOS colors (there are different in RDS)
  • zephyr space park

For the others ships :

  • The Flaptop is from Arvey Models.
  • One model is a full scratch : a TOS Flaptop with entreprise's nacelles on top sides
  • The Sulaco (Aliens) joined the fleet. This is an easter egg in RDS, where it becomes an heavy cargo, so it's "canon" :). Here, I used the Konami gashapon toy.
  • I also added my owned easter egg, the Wild Karrde from Star Wars, using a Wizards of the Coast miniature.
  • Last, but not least, tiny Vipers ejecting from their launch tube, made from paper and optic fiber (gift from a friend).
  • The Celestra (RDS version) have just been added. It is a 3D colorfull print, from a 3D model , where I just applied a black wash.

The dimensions of the diorama are 1m long x 50 cm width x 30 cm height, and is made of 2 wood board of 1 cm. The placement of all these ships is determined to fill the volume with a perspective along the diagonal

The background is made from a plastic sheet of 1m x ~75 cm width x 1 mm thick, which is maintains with double face adhesive tape. All the models get their definitive support.

It was then quicly primed and painted in mat black with spray paints. The back was not sprayed evenly to get a some nebulaas effect. When dried, it was time it fill it with a nice starfield, While looking at images on google using this keyword, I found the the more interesting ones do not have a white stars, but blueish ones. So I came for a clear blue with gouache paints dilued with water, brushed along the edge of the cup.

Some ships are still lacking, that will come later (well I hope), with at least the TOS Celestra (differs in detail to the RDS one), and the botanical ship (the Valley Forge used in TOS).

Let's talk the images now.

The RDS Galactica (from Moebius) is interchangeable with the TOS one.