Viper pilots spacesuits are in a quite a special texture, with a green iridescent metallic sheen.

Rather than paint them in metallic and shade the folds with plain color, I did the opposite: - base of tamiya xf73 dark green

- folds are in a darker green (an old Lifecolor)

- then a veil of alclad pale gold (with the airbrush) I think it does the trick nicely.

The pilot is then finished conventionally with brush paint. AI applied some little orange yellow the the face border for Starbuck/Kara blond hairs.

Once in the cockpit, the joystick is lying on nothing, so it had to be completed (although it will not be accurate).

A first try with the joystick from kit, not convincing.

So I simply used an evergren rod.

And once painted, it does the trick.

I still had to improve one last detail, the antennas on the wingtips. I used thin metal rods and small pieces for a tiny spring, glued together with white glue.

The support is made of an aluminum tube, a plate and a cleat. The male connector in which the Viper will plug is installed at the end of the tube, and the wires are runnning to a socket on the rear edge of the base.

Final assembly :
nozzles don't need glue, as they hold as is.
By cons, MicroScale repositionable glue is used for the guns, the pilot and the canopy.