I still had to install the LED Reflector circuit inside the raider.

I thread the wires inside and solder them to the circuit card.

It still works :)

For cons, I had underestimated the space needed for the wires, and it is no longer going in the remaining spaces. So I had to enlarge the openings. This has resulted in the removal of the central pin, the head is now less well maintained, and the magnets suddenly become absolutely necessary. And I thought that tape surrounding the metal tabs and batteries with be enough, but it is too light, so I quickly made a little support using plastic strips.

There some light leaks under the chin. I suspected this because these parts are not glued together here.

A small plastic cap is done and stuck with hot glue (easy to remove if I will have to work on the electic circuit). The plastic model part is very thick and holds heat rather well. I would not try it on a Hasegawa or FineMolds kit ! The glue is covered with black paint to hide the latest leaks (cooled hot glue is still transparent)


The magnets are also held in place with hot glue.

I forgot to install the visor, and while trying to glue it, it slipped inside the head. @@#%€£¥$%#!

So, I experimented removing the cap+hot glue. And this was rather easy, so the idea was good.

It was only remaining to apply cylon insignia decals, weathered with lightgray marks, and covered with clear coat.