After a fair dose of Space1999 (the Swift WIP is still pending), I needed to change of subject, with a little tour this time on Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider from the reimagined serie.

This is not really a design that I like, I much prefer the older version (which I look forward to its new incarnation from Moebius, significantly larger than its venerable Monogram cousin). So it will be a quick installation: no researches of accuracies, no lighting (no no, not even the red eye), just a few cosmetic improvements. I'm going to concentrate on painting.

This studio raider (virtual or 1/1 set) appears really rough on screen while the kit is rather smooth. So I can not mindlessly apply the Alclad, as it would give him a look of a Naboo skiff! I have not clear ideas, but maybe I will try the Alclad Stainless steel (which is duller than her friends) and metallic acrylic spots for a rough rendering.

In the meantime, we made a little tour of the property:

  • This is a kit with the big parts in the style of the years 70/80, far from japanese standards for example.
  • Without a close look (and I do not seek to do so) it seems pretty faithful to the model.
  • some part cuts are curiously positioned and generate lot's of work and filling...
  • Cylon emblem is embossed and not decals!! so I quickly acquired the replacement decals on Starshipmodeler