The edging on the bottom rears are redone using 1mmx0.75mm evergreen strips.

Ditto for the two rectangular panels of the dashboard, with the plastic card 0.5 mm

Before gluing the top and bottom together inside the cabin (if you can call it that), is covered with primer and white paint.

Residual defects are worked. The mirrors are added. And everything is cover with a heavy layer of spray putty. I expected that it reveals tons of new residual defects, but it did not happen, and so much the better, because it leaves me to glue the top and bottom of the body.

The character need a consequent filling of the molding shifts gap (Tamiya bi-component filler) and a first rough sanding to smooth and catch up the stuff.

The arms will held with small brass rods. After sanding, the right arm attached not to badly to the body, but the left one looks like a playmobil arm (ie too skinny). They are enhanced with little rolls of putty (the Tamiya equivalent of Milliput, Which I find less friable than the latter). The arms will be glued after painting.

Playmobil arms !

And after :

With the application of different types of putties and fillers, it becomes difficult to see the remaining defects on the character, so he received a good layer of spray putty.

The back pack is fixed with a central groove and rounded edges.