After few editions without presented any model, this year, I did put on display some models at the Salon du modélisme (annual model show in Paris).

IMG_8158.JPG (the 2001 french satelite belongs to Jean-Marc Deschamps)

I mainly focused on Battlestar Galactica, with :

  • The rag tag fleet diorama

IMG_8166.JPG IMG_8167.JPG

  • An Macross VF-1 Valkyrie (Hasegawa 1/72)
  • The new Battlestar Galactica (Moebius)
  • A pair of viper mk2 and mk7 (sci-hi models 1/72)


  • The last defense line of Caprica : a forced perspective display of 2 Battlestar Valkyrie resin kit


  • The Roger Young (I am pretty sure to repaint it in the near future, after seeing the original 17' studio model at an exhibition here in Paris)

IMG_8162.JPG IMG_8161.JPG

  • A resin Macross Plus VF-11 Thunderbolt with booster pack (1/72)


I won a prize for for my complete Galactica presentation. IMG_8216.JPG