After applying the primer, I apply a very heavy black wash, that I let it dry as is (so without wiping it). I use this technique for some time on large ships such as this one to hide any lack of undercoat primer, particularly in the corners. In parallel, this creates a nonuniform preshading on every surfaces.

As a consequence, given the volume applied, I have to let it dry for several days before I am able to manupilate the parts safely.

Here you can see it applied simultaneously on the 1/9600 Pegasus from Fantastic Plastic (by the way, I don't really recommend this kit, it is of poor quality, the parts are pasted, load of bubbles, most are not symmetrical, and all the recessed panel lines have to be redone)

IMG_8017 IMG_8019 IMG_8016

It is quite possible that I make a second layer of wash on Galactica, because the result does not seem to be enough pronounced. In comparison, the one on the Pegasus is sufficient.