He received a coat of primer (tamiya spray can), which reveals an forgotten putty spot near the neck that need sanding.

Then an heavy black wash for preshade lines, gaps and create marks on the surfaces.

The base color of this bird is SAC bomber, the Tamiya xf-49 khaki seems close enough.

I found it too dark, so I tried a veil over it, mixing it with white, but the result did not please me.
Finally, I covered with a shade between the two, which suits me much better.
With these layers, the pre-shading disappeared !

In the meanwhile, I had covered the vents, technical openings with xf19 gray sky. This is a slightly beige gray, which blends perfectly with the overall khaki.

This sky gray is also apply on the nozzles and the engine detail elements, then slightly covered with metallic grey.

For nozzles, at first I followed the instructions with metallic gray and silver (like on the studio model), but it's really not convincing.

So I get back with Alclad : Steel , Jet Exhaust and Chrome. And this it much better.

A first light medium green paneling is done by trying to stick as best as I could to the original model.

To achieve the 3 red stripes, I first aiurbrushed a, willingly non-uniform, layer of flat white.
Then, rather than use a full red, I apply a red-orange (just a few drops of yellow in the red). On the final result, the eye assimilates this as a nice looking warm red.
It is also not applied uniformly to stick to the original model.