To achieve red diamonds insignia in the bays, I planned initially to use a stencil I, and finally I xent with homemade decals .
It took a full afternoon to install them properly and regularly replace those who tried to come off as it dries. They were deliberately cutted off to give them a worn effect (still trying to stick to the original model).

The corners of the casements, various markings are applied by drawing in various boards .
Mini Cylon insignia are from the Revell Viper mk1 decals board (victory marks) in its latest edition.

Postshading and streaks are made in two colors: black and rust brown.

A layer of Klir to protect everything. Then a slight dark gray juice is applied, that will be only very slightly wiping to keep streaks and the dark veil effect.

He then received a coat of matt varnish.

Then finally final assembly.
The photos are a bit dull, I will do more later on a dark background.

I now need to build a small diorama where it will be the centerpiece .