I redone here or there the shading along some lines (which had disappeared during the hair lacquer operation) . It is made with highly diluted gray panzer XF63.
I also shaded a little the white decals that brought out too much.

Dirt streaks are made with dark gray oil paint, enhanced with black in the center of the impacts.
I think it cannot be well see in the pictures, but as soon as there is almost no paint on the brush, I tapped the surface randomly, to add some more texture to this beast.

All this is sealed under a layer of matt varnish.

The pilot is painted like the mk 2 one (they have been made at the same time).
So the combination is green Xf73 Tamiya dark green,

the folds with a darker green,

and a veil of Alclad pale gold.

It is conventionally finished with brush paints.

The chair is in a dark gray (near black). He then received a black tamiya and brown wahes to give it a leather look.

The base is built in the same way as the mk2.

The character and the canopy held in place without any glue.