After let dry a whole week to be sure that all solvents were evaporated, the seam of the cabin is sanded.

It is filled with 2-part modeling glue.

Then the panel lines are engraved and a thinner putty is used.

For the gun houses, I was tired with putty, so to simplify this, rather than fill the seams, I keep them in simulating panel lines. I was just needing a quick sanding of the edges to have each side panel at the same level.

I did not realize this at first, ut these gun houses are not in the right direction too bad (a big error by Moebius !). I did not want to make surgery, so to fix this a little, I will straightening the barrel, to bring back the section vertically.
For this it is necessary to reduce the wall thickness of the housing.

The reactors are glued together

And the electrical circuit is completed.

Dorsal air intake covers are installed. Here, the joint is filledwhite plastic putty. (no photo, sorry)

I repaired a wingtip (a sanding collateral damage !) with a parts tree bit. it is straingtened with a metal rod in the center.