The inner side walls of the cockpit does fit properly to the cabin near the headrest. They are glued with the help of tweezers.

The slice is not pretty with 2 layers, so they are covered with a thin strip of Plastic, then painted.

There will be later some decals to apply here (before the final bonding of the canopy).

On the wing, the broken navigation light is repaired with a bit of fiber optic shaping and glued with the model glue. It was a test, and to my surprise, after a night of drying, this works !

Two holes in the front of the cockpit are partly visible when the canopy is installed. Since they do not correspond to any pin, they are filled with plastic bits.

I got a upgrade kit from a friend (thank you Marc) that includes a more detail bottom back panel, and 2 photoetched ejector handles. The resin parts are nice and very well casted, and the photoetched ejector handles are superb. In my opinion, it will be better to switch the two resin pipes to some metal rods so they do not inadvertently break.

The ejection photoetched handles are quickly installed. they are bent a little to allow a tight fit on the curve of the cabin.

I thought I would not use the resin plate on this assembly, as I feared it breaks with the handling of the nozzles parts (which will remain removable). But after starting masking the nozzles, the black paint started to come off (it seems I forget to wash this part, and some releasing agent is still there)

So as I have the strip the paint, an idea came to me to install the detailed resin part white the rigidity of the nozzles part.

The paint stripped off.

The original part is hollowed.

Then sanded along the edges to reduce the thickness. To avoid to too much sand the frame, I also sanded the back of the resin part along the sides.

The part is a little too long, so I had to sand about 1 mm at the top and bottom, taking care that the holes for the pipes are still usable.

And with metal rods

The bonding is reinforced from behind with a heavy dose of cyano charged with resin dust. This makes a big block, ugly but super tough. And like that requires a good dose of cyano, ca heater for a few seconds during the taking!

This is installed. The operation took just over one hour (without paint stripping).