Well, despite this feeling on the Revell Stardestroyer, I started to building it.

So I sanded the too prominent small panels, by taking care to not make them disappear.

  Before (bottom shell) | Following (upper shell)

The lacking paneling is engraved on all parts (without following any template, instead of the “looking nice” feeling). That is too long!

   Before engraving (port side) | After (starboard)

The gap all around the underside dome is filled.

The tip of the nose is corrected (simply cut)

On the back, the grooved plates were downright recessed instead of being raised! So they are covered (this is difficult to see on the capture, as I used transparent plastic) Incidentally, I completed the details with small pieces of plastic rods.


In the lateral trenches, and upper buildings, I added tons of tiny plastic card rectangles. This is also too long!

And that beast is closed


Here it is now, This is significantly better!

And, one more that leaves to the paint workbench... I'll have to turn over to the painting, as I start to have a skyscrapper of kits waiting to be painted !