For the lighting signals, I finally left the optical fiber for a simplier solution. As it was the end of the year, stores were full of LED's Christmas tree lights, and I found one with 80 white LEDs.

IMG_8651 IMG_8652

The lights seem to differ in size and in their shape during the show (see Catacombs) :

  • bulbed or (harder to identifie with the brightness) cylindrical.
  • Reduced to the scale of the kit, the bulbed one would be 2 or 3mm in diameter (with a small rim), to 3 or 4mm for cylindrical (without rim).

Here, my 5mm LED next to the 3mm hole originally planned for the optical fiber.

IMG_8655 IMG_8654

So, they are a bit too big, but considering the time saved, I'll accommodate.