The diorama is made from medium (wood) boards cut to size. It is designed to be removable and portable, which means here to made it easy to assemble/disassemble and to properly secure the staturoc details (triangles,...).

The boards are cladded with aluminum strips (i, L, square) to border all the areas I will detailed, and to create slides where the boards will be embedded boards.

IMG_8535 IMG_8536

A first rather thick PVC profile is bonded to the aluminum rod.


After that, the detailing takes place, with the famous triangles. The lapidary wheel, band sander, band saw are used to smoothly anf quickly carry out the job.

IMG_8566 IMG_8567 IMG_8570 IMG_8571 IMG_8572 IMG_8580

Both right and left walls are now detailed. The back wall is still in progress, because I run out of triangles. I need to mold some new ones.

IMG_8582 IMG_8583

The leaf in the center of this wall will be left open. Two slides are set in place to allow me the choice to add behind the wall a closed down leaf, or a mirror (which is likely to be the solution that I will use at Migennes). And it may well be left open, if ever one day I want to build another hangar to expose some Hawk, Ultraprobe, Swift, etc.

IMG_8584 IMG_8585