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mercredi, 29 octobre 2014

Battlestar Galactica - Half studio scale - Rack on the front arm

At the corner of the front arm, there is a round rack of 5 tubes, bombs from a B-29 kit.
The part provided, based on Macross missiles only contains 4 and it did not satisfied me.

Finding no equivalent in my spare box, I scratched new ones using tree bits mounted on the dremel and shaped with files.

They are then placed on a small stand.

Battlestar Galactica - Half studio scale - sheds ends entrance

I continued the interior detailing of the hangars by the staging area.
The walls are of the evergreen plate where I can placed the inner walls.
These inner walls are cut one by one.

The thickness of the floor is set to align it the the hangar floor.

Battlestar Galactica - Half studio scale - Furnishings sheds

I wanted the hangars interior to look like the drawings of Andy Probert used as trompe-l'oeil on the original model of the Galactica (provided as 2 decals in the kit ).
It was necessary to translate and extrapolate the drawing while playing with the small space, the lighting, the discordant scales between the drawing, the hangar and the viper launch tubes (on the exterior side).

My blueprint is drawn directly on the part floor. I only use half the hangar lentgh, as the metal bar cut it in the middle.
It will be lit in white above the runway and red on the sides.

On the workshop side, I added greeblies along the wall.

And on the other side (with the launch tubes alcoves), the wall is rather smooth, so I added some paneling.
The trapezoidal openings are aligned to match the outputs of the launch tubes.

The ceiling of the runway is a clear plastic card, frosted with sand paper, detailled with Evergreen plates, behind which will be later placed the leds in indirect lighting.

The ceiling of the workshop is a ladder covered with frosted transparent plastic, which will be painted Red Clear later. The LED will later be placed on top.

For the LEDs to not move and remain in indirect lighting, a housing is created with plastic card above ceiling to lock them.

mardi, 28 octobre 2014

Battlestar Galactica - Half studio scale - Assembly settings 2

- Yellow lights boxes

On each side of the head and the motor module, there are small boxes with bright yellow 6 points each. The parts supplied are a little too big and different between the front and rear. So I've modified or replaced, and then glued to drill the holes for the fibers.

Front ones


- remaining gaps

I filled few gaps between the large parts:

Here on the neck

and the engine module.

-- Last complete dry test before lights installation and hangar detailling.
The usefull thing of this assembly with screws at this step is that everything can be dismantled easily.

- Launch tubes and replacement hangars details

Viper Launch tubes are installed. A small strip of plastic card brings it the right level

The resin plates replaced the ones on the kit. There are 3 on the right hangar, two on the left one, not symmetrically placed as on the studio model.

vendredi, 10 octobre 2014

Battlestar Galactica - Half studio scale - Engines casing

The engine casing is build like a drawer, the rear plate will be screwed to the engine module.

Assembly of the backplate

It needs some triming to fit in.

It will work with mini-screw

I use a resin plate, a part of the kit that I did not use (and replaced by the medium), to make the bottom of the drawer.

The light box is made of the above plate Honeycomb are slid inside, behind frosted transparent sheets.

The box is closed with the help of PVC profiles L and screwing everything

Missing is the lighting (which will be done later)

Battlestar Galactica - Half studio scale - Assembly settings

- Median arms

Median arms are adjusted gradually by successive sanding the ends.
A metal rod secures the alignment with the body and a screw from the shed to hold it firmly.

- hangars

The big and long underside part of the hangar was bending under its ownweight, so I had to screw it at the center, by adding wooden wedges inside (like on the front).

- belly cross

Hangars being adjusted, I can now run the resin in the cross part to lock permanently the square tube in it.
I clogged the end with Tac gum

This is the result once the resin cured

- Nose

There is an level between the up and bottom of the part, so I sanded it, and the nose is then screwed in the head.

jeudi, 9 octobre 2014

Battlestar Galactica - Half studio scale - Sheds

The lower end of the arms are sanded gradually to align them horizontally and with the central body.

The hangar parts are digged to let my square tube (for a side standing system) go through to the side.

top part

bottom part

To be sure to be perfectly aligned, I used a miter saw

And then I realised I had to dig a channel otherwise it will not join between the top and bottom

The Galactica is impaled!

The locations of the viper launch tubes are holowed to install later the new parts

The location of the electric connectors is hollowed in each hangar.

To attach the 2 large parts (top and bottom) of the hangars, the facing surface is not wide enough. And in the rear side there will be a detailled interior, so I had to work with as is..

The forward side are held firmly with wooden blocks screwed together and with the parts.

The front of the hangar held with rods of 4mm. The holes are larger than the rods. I used some resin to fill the remaining space while adjusting alignment
The part and the wooden block are now one.

At the rear, the rods alone will keep the part.

Battlestar Galactica - Half studio scale - Engine module 2

Back on the eassembly of the engine module
The sides are assembled (3 parts bolted together) and screwed to the structure.

The topside is held by an alu L-channel section and 2 screws that will be hidden later.

Engines (rear, nozzles and light box) will be installed later as a drawer. Les moteurs (face arrière, tuyères et caisson lumineux) seront installés plus tard comme un tiroir.

mercredi, 8 octobre 2014

Battlestar Galactica - Half studio scale - First dry test

It's starting to look like a Galactica :)

The nose is pointing up.

That's better after a run on the sanding belt.

Battlestar Galactica - Half studio scale - Engine module

Unlike other modules (designed like a "box" part with a "cover" part), there is broadly a part by side. So this time, these are the parts that have to fit together on the wooden struture and the opposite.
This will ensure the rigidity of the module, but will make it quite heavy.
The underside is installed by screwing with small metal brackets (parts from an old Meccano toys) or aluminum L-channel.

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